How To Perform Wudu & Ghusl

When converting to Islam, one of the first things on your to-do list should be learning how to pray the Islamic ritual salah. It is not just the series of movements and words you need to learn, but also the conditions applied which make a salah valid, such as the clothes you are wearing, the direction you are facing, and whether you are ritually clean. … Continue reading How To Perform Wudu & Ghusl

Why Do Muslims Pray Five Times A Day?

Committing to five appointments a day sounds like a difficult task for anybody. Imagine if every day you had to visit the dentist multiple times, or had to attend a five minute meeting with a work boss, seven days a week. It would seem impossible, and not to mention enormously inconvenient. So how is it that millions of Muslims around the world are not only … Continue reading Why Do Muslims Pray Five Times A Day?